Audio Source Composer

The project was paused in late 2020 when it was clear we were entering 4 years of Bidenomics which features corporate sabotage and many clever techniques to keep open-source projects like this uncompetitive and obscure. Furthermore, the browser technology AudioSource was based on was not ready for prime-time. It was good enough to play back videos and mp3s, but rendering audio on most browsers is just not happening yet.

The Audio Source Composer is an Open-Source Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) built on the WebAudioAPI to work on all platforms from web browsers to desktops applications to mobile devices.


What's Currently Working:

Under the Hood:

Planned Features:

Website Installation

$ git clone ssh://git@github.com/clevertree/audio-source-app --recursive
$ cd [audio-source-app]
$ npm install

Run Server

Note: This command should also open the website in your local browser.

$ npm start

Browse to Local Server


App Installation

$ git clone ssh://git@github.com/clevertree/audio-source-app --recursive
$ cd [audio-source-app]
$ npm install

Run in Android device

$ react-native run-android

Run in iOS device (MacOSX)

$ react-native run-ios

Audio Source Player (ASP)

Coming soon!

Planned Features:

Coming soon: Audio Source Music Communities

SNESology Music Community

Listen to and publish remixes and arrangements (of copyrighted music).

AudioSource Music Community

Listen to, publish, and sell original music.

How can I help? What should I help with? Are there instructions?

Most of the work will be done on our github repo. Check out the README for installation instructions. We're looking for help with everything from images, css, UI, testing, programming, and feedback!

Git: https://github.com/clevertree/audio-source-composer

Created by Ari Asulin